1) Select Your Equipment:
Discuss with Continental Equipment's sales representative the equipment you are interested in and price that best benefits you and your business. Remember, rates are determined by customers; personal credit, business credit, time in business. Marquise Equipment Leasing guarantees; the lowest monthly payment qualified for. Marquise Equipment Leasing guarantees; Lowest rates; Service and Response Time !

2) Complete the Lease Application:
REMEMBER; (STILL NOT LOCKED IN TO ANY LEASING CONTRACT) in completing the Lease Application this does not lock you in purchasing the equipment by lease purchasing, nor does it lock you into it financially with Marquise Equipment Leasing. This is solely for Marquise Equipment Leasing to evaluate your application and see if you qualify for Lease Purchasing. Marquise is here to accommodate your Leasing Needs, they will need you to complete the below lease application. This is confidential and will be directly forwarded to Marquise Equipment Leasing from Continental Equipment's sales Representative.

3) Give Them a Little Credit Information:
We need you to complete the application as much as you can. This will assist Marquise Equipment Leasing in reviewing and respond your credit decision within their 24 hour response time. Credit Decision: Once a decision is made and your approval is given; Marquise Equipment Leasing will contact you and discuss the term of the lease and payment for your approval. Once all is agreed upon; and invoice is given to Marquise from Continental for typing of the Lease Papers.

4) Lease Signing:
Your lease documents will be sent overnight to you or brought to you by one of Marquise Leasing representatives. You then will review and sign the lease papers, for delivery of equipment to you by Continental Equipment. REMEMBER, (STILL NOT LOCKED IN TO ANY LEASING CONTACT)

5) Delivery and Acceptance of Equipment:
Once the lease is signed and all has been executed according to Lease Approval terms and conditions; the equipment is then delivered to your business location. Once equipment is delivered and an inspection of said equipment is made (if required) and a representative will contact you for a Verbal Acceptance of this equipment, once this is done (LOCKED IN:) Yes, at this point you are then locked in, your lease goes into effect and your next payment will be do 30 days from that date, unless otherwise discussed by you at that time for a specific due date. IT'S THAT EASY !!!!


Fill out leasing application here.
Remember, there is no obligation for filling out the application.

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